Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Aviation Real Estate


What is "Aviation Real Estate"?

Aviation real estate is real estate with the "aviation amenity" meaning the ability to operate an aircraft. Residential examples could be fly in communities or private real estate with runway access. Some airparks have FAA identifiers and some do not.

Is Aviation Real Estate Truly Unique?

Yes, Aviation real estate is truly unique and is considered scarce.

Client Representation - Are non-aviation real estate professionals a liability when dealing with aviation real estate and who pays the price?

Yes, non-aviation real estate agents historically have no clear understanding of the start to finish process in closing aviation real estate transactions failing to reach ready, willing and able buyers from the pilot community. Non-aviation real estate agents create a higher risk for runway incursions with chance of injury or death.

Can my aircraft be a business expense if used for aviation real estate?

Possibly, Yes! Many factors such as your ratings, aircraft and other factors will determine if your aircraft can be used as a business expense. Start by having a discussion with your CPA, broker, insurance agent and your local FAA FSDO regarding using and deducting aviation related expenses.

Certification - Can the Aviation Real Estate certification be used as CE credit?


Airpark Health - How important it is to keep pilots in airparks and how can aviation real estate agents help?

Keeping a strong flying community in airparks is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.

How much extra money can I put in my pocket each year by adding aviation real estate as a specialty?

Good question. How much time and effort are you willing to put into the aviation community? It is my personal experience that if you fight for the community at all levels they will give back to you. Please setup a time to talk so we can discuss your location and opportunities.

Who are the certifications and designations for?

Real estate professionals wanting to specialize in aviation real estate and separate themselves from non aviation real estate agents

Do I need to be a pilot to be certified?

No, you simply must have a love for aviation and real estate

Do I have to be licensed as a real estate professional?

Yes, or be working on a license

How much time does it take to become an Aviation Real Estate Specialist?

Initial and ongoing training via live and recorded sessions - Each person is unique and handled individually - The average is three hours to get the basics.

Is this program a good value? Justify spending the money and time

Just the facts - Aviation real estate homes with hangars have a nationwide price point of $700,000 - $1,000,000. It is not uncommon to see aviation real estate for sale at much higher price points. Wellington Airpark in Florida has a price point starting at $1.5+- topping out at $4M

Win the Listing - Close the Deal

If I join should I expect my listing closing rate to increase?


Do sellers of aviation real estate seek out an Aviation Real Estate Specialist?

Yes, sellers of aviation real estate sellers historically understand that aviation real estate has extra value if marketing correctly to the general aviation community.

Fly In Events - Exhibiting - Local Territory

Once certified, are we allowed to use the Aviation Home and Hangar branding?

Yes, Attending regional events is a wonderful way to get local exposure. Download logos and graphics online and have them printed locally.

During national events, are we VIP at the booth?

Yes, but we might put you to work.

Can we invite our clients to the show booth VIP section?

Yes, If you are in the program you and your clients are VIP.

National and Local - Marketing Exposure

Will I have my own webpage on and "regional marker" on the Aviation Home and Hangar Map if certified?

Yes, to both

Website Marketing: Can we add IDX - HTML source code to the website?

Yes - We have a high tech team that can help if needed. Not required but a very cool feature we can add at no cost if you provide the IDX code.

Could you benefit by social media online presence with the general aviation community?

Yes, the list of certified specialists is shared on social media for you at no extra cost.

Could you benefit by social media online presence with the general aviation community?

Yes, the list of certified specialists is shared on social media for you at no extra cost.