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Aviation Real Estate Specialists - Certified Professionals are Real Estate Professionals dedicated to preserving, protecting and educating the industry in the legacy and extra value in aviation real estate.

Residential - Aviation Real Estate - Nationwide over 580 residential airparks and thousands of individual private land owners live the dream. Aviation real estate is scarce and highly desirable to the general aviation community.

The Opportunities Are Endless - Secure the listing and then bring in ready, willing and able buyers from the aviation community.

More than just a Certification - Aviation Home and Hangar - Certified Professional is a lifestyle that you love.

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"The winning formula is clear and reproducible. We have an obvious advantage over non-aviation real estate agents. My customers are smart and totally understand that aviation real estate is truly unique".

Erik McCormick - Founder - AirparkMap.com, Aviation Home And Hangar and Aviation Real Estate Specialists - Publications of Taking Off Solutions. LLC. An Arizona LLC.

Broker Information: Realty Executives Phoenix - Arizona - License #: SA115843000

Founder - Aviation Real Estate Specialists - Erik McCormick is a licensed real estate Agent with Realty Executives Phoenix - Arizona

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